Tumeric Pumpkin Facial Bar - VEGAN


Whiskey, Ink, & Lace

This spicy and colorful facial bar is made with organic pumpkin and turmeric, with a hint of spice to make it smell good.
The ingredients are all natural, right down to the spice essences created with essential oil blends, which help to benefit your skin.
The benefits of pumpkin and pumpkin seed oil for your face:
• DEEPLY moisturizing. Your face will feel softer after the first use!!
• Chock-full of antioxidants
• Helps to reverse signs of sun damage
• Full of Vitamin C!
• Also high in alpha and beta-carotene
• Contains torulitine (vitamins E and T) which helps to reduce inflammation, reduce pore size, and prevent breakouts
• Great for all skin types because it removes dry skin gently while hydrating the skin

The benefits of turmeric for your face:
• Believed to prevent acne and reduce scars and dark spots
• Full of antioxidants
• Believed to help reduce wrinkles
• Reduces inflammation
• Reduces oil secretion by sebaceous glands, which helps those with oily skin
• Can reduce unwanted hair growth (note: when using this on your face, try to avoid letting the suds sit on your eyebrows or eyelashes for more than a few seconds... But don't worry, it would take a lot to cause a drastic difference in growth there. If you are trying for fuller lashes and brows, check out our Long Lashes Serum!)

The soap also contains organic coconut oil and rice bran oil, which is moisturizing and great for your skin! It's made using hot process, to create a rustic look and feel.


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