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Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Our Cinnamon Spread is pure ”raw” cotton honey with natural ground cinnamon mixed in for a delicious, guilt-free, two ingredient spread! Contrary to its name there is -no- crème in it and it is -not- whipped, It's smooth, crystallized, and perfectly spreadable!

By far our most popular Honey Spread, it is amazing on pretty much anything. Spread on any kind of breakfast bread (toast, bagel, English muffin, etc.), add to any tea or coffee to create a delicious sweet spiced (almost chi) flavor, drizzle on ice cream, pastries, or cookies, use it to make delicious French toast or apple pie... So many possibilities!

All our poured honey products are made with South Georgia Honey! Our honey creams are dairy-free and made when we harness honey's natural crystallization process to make it into a spreadable and creamy treat!

Gluten Free & Dairy Free

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