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C&L Mask Chains

Introducing your masks' new BFF, a mask chain! Clip these onto your favorite mask and you instantly have the ability to pull your mask on/off on your neck without fully taking your mask off. I find these extremely handy when going on walks and no one is around, I'll pull my mask down until I see someone nearby. They are also super handy when you are hopping in and out of your car running errands, so that you don't have to take your mask all the way off. 

Blue, Black, and Orange beaded options are shorter lengths, measuring 14.5'' in length.  
Gold and Silver chain options are approx. 22'' in length. 

All chains feature gold clasps, except the silver chain option will have black clasps.  
Mask is not included in this listing. You are buying the chain only.  
Always remember to remove your mask chain prior to washing your mask.

Stay safe, friends, and wear your mask! 

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