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Big Eyed Bear Plushie

Make your next snuggle sesh extra special with our Big Eye Bear.

This 13 inch handmade, stuffed cutie has big, beautiful eyes (are they surprised? happy to see you? entertained? all of these things!) is super sweet and oh-so-comfy to hold. 

Choose between two types of fabrics for the body, non-floral (more masculine) or floral (more feminine).  We proudly use upcycled fabric remnants left over from other projects, so the fabric that you get will be a happy surprise, but the perfect style of it is up to you.  Would you like a color preference to match a nursery?  Be sure to put the base color you'd like (yellow, orange, purple, blue, etc.) in the comment section during checkout and we'll be sure you get what you need.  The body is finished with super plush fleece on the back of each bear.

Plus, it's proudly made in Atlanta, so you can rest easy knowing your huggable pal was made with love.

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