Beehive Hair Company

BHC - eco scrubs 100% biodegradable exfoliating bars

Pamper your skin with our luxurious exfoliating bars that detoxify, balance, hydrate, & cleanse skin all with 1 bar!

eco scrubs are 100% biodegragable, cruelty free & vegan

Choose from:

himalayan salt eco scrubs- packed with natural himalayan salt that detoxifies and balances skin's pH and olive oil & shea butter to moisturize; ingredients: olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, organic palm oil, shea butter, himalayan salt, sea salt

mint & clay eco scrubs- ultra-hydrating, exfoliating & refreshing; mint & clay eco scrub bar is packed with minty essential oils, detoxifying clay & soothing shea butter
perfect for all skin types; ingredients: olive oil, water, organic palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, fragrance, green oxide


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