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Whiskey, Ink, & Lace

This almond butter cookie scented shave soap (yes... it smells good enough to eat!) will provide the lather and slip you need for a smooth glide for your razor as you shave, and what's more! It will actually help you shave less often. Our Better Shave Soap uses natural ingredients that can help to inhibit hair growth, lighten the hair, and soften brittle, prickly hair. For most people, use of this soap will help you to shave less often and have a more pleasant experience while shaving.

The soap also has added benefits, as some ingredients like activated charcoal work to draw out toxins and dirt from your skin while you're shaving, helping to fight acne and red bumps you may have on your skin. It contains pumpkin seed oil, which leaves skin feeling soft, naturally.

As always, all ingredients are all natural. There are no added fragrance oils or chemicals. The beautiful almond butter cookie essence is from natural essential oils and ingredients.

Our Better Shave Soap is made with vegan and organic ingredients and is palm oil free, too!

Comes as a 5oz bar. Shape and size may vary slightly, as each bar is made and cut by hand.


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