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Beaded Lariat - mixed metals

This is a unique lariat. It is actually more like a faux lariat. The chain section that goes around your neck is 20" long. Then there is an additional 6" of chain to the teardrop pendant. You can actually slide the small circle shape down the 6" section so you can put it over your head. Then pull the circle back up and it will rest 20" because there is a small ring that acts as a stopper. So it does not ride up and choke you or come undone like many lariats. I have enjoyed this unique design, and believe me, it's simpler than it sounds. This lariat is made with a faceted chain and beaded circle and teardrop shapes that all sparkle and catch the light. This necklace is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. It can take a plain black top and make it into an eye catching ensemble.

Sterling silver and 14 karat gold-filled 
20" necklace with a 6" drop.

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