Lu La Naturals

BARE Skin - Bath and Body Oil

Body + Hair + Scalp

A truly all over blend of carefully sourced oils crafted with intent to provide maximum nourishment to the deepest layers of your skin for noticeably soft, radiant skin. Bare Skill is made with high-quality, simple ingredients and provides maximum results through intentional applications and regiment .

Simple Ingredients:

Almond, avocado, apricot, and sunflower oils, vitamin e

Applications & Regiment

Daily Moisturizing Therapy

  1. Apply to damp skin after your shower or bath
  2. Massage all over skin for even penetration
  3. Relax for 1 minute

Weekly Hydrotherapy

  1. Add to a warm bath
  2. Soak for 20 minutes
  3. Pat dry and ensure oil is evenly distributed
  4. Relax for at least 5 minutes

Monthly Hot Oil Treatment

  1. Warm oil slightly
  2. Apply to desired areas  
  3. Work in small sections and massage desired areas
  4. Cover treated area using a bathrobe or towel creating a warm environment
  5. Relax for 10 - 20 minutes


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