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Gulu Handmade Single Strand Necklace with Chunky Paperbeads (White with Text)

We named these fabulous chunky necklaces Gulu, a beautiful city in Northern Uganda.

These are long strands that really showcase the paper beads made from recycled paper. These cone shaped beads in white are made from recycled book pages. So there are text with words on each bead. The black and white contrast is stunning and really make a statement about recycling paper!  Perfect gift for the book lovers and those that advocate for environmental causes and recycling. 

This single strand necklace is all in one color combination (white beads with black text).  

The paperbeads for these necklaces are made from recycled book pages, no two are exactly alike. The paperbeads have been made from strips of paper, rolled tightly and then varnished 5 times for durability before being strung into a necklace. This is a very time consuming process. But, it is like making something beautiful from nothing.  

The seed beads in this necklace are silver tone.

There is no clasp. 

The length of each necklace is just about 19-20 inches.

These are handmade by our team of women artisans in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. No two necklaces are exactly alike.

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