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North/South Soap Company

Amber Musk Body Cream

All products in the North/South Soap Company collection are handmade in Atlanta, Georgia with love and care.  We use all natural products to ensure our products are both great smelling AND healthy for your daily bath & body care use. 

An all-natural soap, highly lathering soap that smells great.  Made the old school way. 

Each soap is made with the hot-process method of soapmaking, and thereby has a unique look to each individual bar.  We maintain the rustic look of these large bars to retain their natural qualities.  In each bar, you may see clay, poppy seeds, oats, and anything else we add that will work to make your skin great.  Each bar is large, very hard (and thereby long-lasting) and creates great lather from our choice of natural oils.   

THE GOOD STUFF ::All natural, y'all.  Our fragrance blends are special and unique to each scent. 


THE SIZE :: Comes in an 8oz or 16oz bottle. 

No yuck stuff: always phthalate, formaldehyde and paraben free.

get some out of the bottle onto your hands and apply
everywhere (especially your extra dry bits). You’ll thank us. Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid use in eyes.

 Hydrate, nourish and moisturize your skin with this all natural soap. I add goat milk, honey, and ground oatmeal to the mix which add fantastic moisturizing and exfoliating qualities. I add no fragrance to this soap; the smell of the ingredients give it a slightly sweet natural fragrance. The color is from the ingredients themselves as well. This is an excellent soap for those who have sensitivities to synthetic colors or fragrances.

If you have never used our soap before, it is handy to know that I worked for over a year on this recipe that generates a rich, bubbly, moisturizing lather without making you feel oily or slimy at the end of your shower. I use hot process, which means that it is cooked before the soap is molded, and each batch goes through two PH tests to ensure that it is just right before it ever leaves the pot. This is the process used by Great, Great Grannies through the ages.

If you love the soap but don’t care for our slightly foul-mouthed humor or you’d just like to add your own label, we do sell full, unlabeled loaves of most of our soap. Please check our other listings!

Ingredients: Olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), aloe liquid, goat milk, honey, ground oatmeal

Please note that images are for reference only. All soaps are handcrafted so please allow for color variations. The fragrance will always be the same, but I may change the color depending on what I have available!

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