A&A Alta Cucina Italia

A&A Cherry Balsamic Vinegar - 8.5 oz

$10.00 $16.00

A&A Cherry Balsamic Reduction {A&A BALSAMICO ALLE CILIEGIE} This sweet, fruity and tangy balsamic made with cherries and white balsamic vinegar of Modena is exquisite on fresh salads, over your fruity sorbets, paired with aged cheeses, used to marinade your meats and so much more.


-Enjoy the flavor of this rich & thick balsamic on your spinach salad paired with goat cheese, strawberry or figs.

-Sprinkle on cheese as parmesan cheese, feta, or aged cheese; 

-Try for unique glazes and marinades;

-Use it as a dessert plate decoration;

They also make unique, interesting and useful hostess gifts, gift baskets, Italian theme parties and wedding favors.

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