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Since graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006, Emory has spent the last decade as an artist and designer. He lives in his hometown of Atlanta, GA with his fiance Theresa. Having a degree in animation and a fondness for wacky characters, Emory has recently been allowing his years of design sense to mix with his old love of character design. The result of such tempation has led to the complete creation of the Wandering Line brand. 

All of my designs start with the need to sketch. Being a man who is either lost in the woods or lost within my own head, sketching seems to help me find peace no matter what the situation! Just like a wanderer, I do not normally start a sketch knowing its outcome. My goals while sketching are to create simply surreal iconic designs. Inking my designs take forever, but I love it! It forces me to slow down and focus on my meticulous linework....a meditation of sorts. Once inked, I scan my drawings and edit them in Adobe Illustrator. When editing, I focus mainly on color concepts and line refinement.

A.T - Mens wandering line $25.00 $25.00
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