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Amy grew up in Laguna Beach, CA. "Laguna is an artist community, our high school mascot was 'The Artists', a paint brush and a paint pallet. We weren't exactly intimidating, but we did produce some beautiful art." After high school she didn't even use her art scholarship. "I thought I needed to get a degree in a 'traditional job' so I didn't take any art classes."

When she graduated from Boston University with a bachelors degree in Special Education she felt like there was something missing. She rediscovered art at night and began playing with beads. It didn't take long for beading to open the door to metalsmithing. Soon thereafter, Amy fully got the "bug" and decided it was time to quit "the day job." She apprenticed at a Colorado jeweler, and took metalsmithing classes at night. Using a torch and hammer to manipulate the metal quickly became Amy's passion.

In 2006, Amy and her husband moved to Atlanta, GA. "We found a great house with a perfect studio space and room to start a family." Her current jewelry designs include mostly sterling silver and 14K gold-filled wire, and you'll also see pieces made with copper, brass and 14k rose gold-filled wire. You can still see the influence of beads in her line, with small accents of semi-precious stones. Throwing Stars Jewelry includes a lot of hammering so it reflects light, while it also has an organic and hand-made feel. She’s a working mom, so when it comes to wearing jewelry, she wants something that’s fun, lightweight and easy to wear, yet sophisticated and makes an artistic statement at the same time. What began as a hobby at her dining room table, Throwing Stars Jewelry has become a mainstay at the Beehive.

XL Circle Outline Studs Throwing Stars Jewelry $38.00 $38.00
XL Circle Outline Studs-SS Throwing Stars Jewelry $38.00 $38.00
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