Stitch Blvd is based in Athens, Georgia. Twin sisters Cathy Rumfelt and Carrie Bishop and longtime friend Leslie Borger all ended up back in Athens after spending years in different cities. They started sewing together on a regular basis, and Stitch Blvd was born.  They enjoy using natural fibers to create beautiful, useful pieces that they would want in their own homes.

All of our rope vessels are made with cotton rope and thread. We use leather scraps and repurposed leather for our leather handles.

Our rope baskets and bowls have so many uses! We love using the smaller bowls around the house for keys, jewelry, pens, and other small items. The larger baskets can be used for toys, towels, magazines, laundry, yarn and more. If your basket has handles, you could even bring it to the farmer’s market or the store and fill it with groceries. The large baskets are also great to use as a planter.

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