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Getting married in June 2011 my decision to make candles was sparked from my husband’s love of always having a candle burning.  Naturally, as with most of my crafts, I would need his help.  So we began making candles together.  He cuts and preps the wine and beer bottles for me and I make them into wonderfully smelling candles.  Along with the wine and beer bottle candles I also make candles in vintage glassware that I pick up from thrift stores and flea markets.  I love all things old and beautiful, but it was becoming a problem at home (not enough storage space) especially with the glassware I love so much.  So it became a perfect match to turn the old and beautiful vintage glassware into candles as well.  Now I am allowed to repurpose vintage glassware into beautiful burning candles as well as wine and beer bottles.

The name Lace in June was born from my love and passion for all things old and the stories they carry with it as well as my love for my husband and the inspiration, love and support he provides me.  All of the bottles and glasses have a history.  Who shared that bottle of wine or beer?  Was it enjoyed over a delicious meal with friends or family?  Were their tears and laughter?  Who drank tea from the floral tea cup that’s now in my bathroom burning brightly? Now I can help continue the story of each and every glass or bottle by turning them into candles.

You can also continue the history of your glass or bottle by reusing it for yet another purpose.  Soy wax is easy to wash out with soap and water.  Keep your glass and use it to create another story.

Repurpose + Reuse + Enjoy

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