fairie wren

Wes Tablet Clutch

The Wes Tablet Clutch.  The accessory that holds your tablet one day, and your essentials the next.   

Handmade, hand-pressed fabric (made in Atlanta) is designed to be bold and graphic on the outside, and colorfully happy on the inside.  

Hand-pressed cotton canvas/linen outer fabric, with a quilt-weight broadcloth fabric on the inside.  Paired with a bright zipper.  Adorned with a leather pull for a finishing touch.  

10 x 7.5

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because each piece of fabric in the Fairie Wren collection is handmade, the print may vary slightly from pouch-to-pouch.  All other references in photo will be the same. 

Handmade with love and happiness in Atlanta, Georgia

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