Block & Hammer

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It all started with our goofy Great Dane, Stella. She needed a new pet tag and after searching high and low for one on etsy, Dean decided he could make one himself.  The idea then grew over night from pet tags, to silverware, to collar stays...etc and we decided to start a shop of our own.

Next, about 289523 packages were shipped to our house and we were off to the races...

Dean, as a Product Engineer, is quite skilled technically and runs the production side of the business. He has mastered the art of stamping with his 'block and hammer', and so the business was named.  Lauren, an Industrial Designer, loves the marketing aspect of the shop and enjoys creating unique ways to showcase each item with props/ colors/ lighting...etc to make every item look unique.  We truly enjoy working together as a couple and still find it very cool that people are interested in our unique creations!

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