Lemon Zesty

Spreadsheet Squirrel - wood print

Squirrels love spreadsheets! How else do they keep their acorns organized and categorized? Or maybe he's checkin' stats while he drinks his coffee. Either way, this busy squirrel is tucked away in a cozy tree office, happy as can be.

This print would be awesome in an office!

This original artwork is printed onto an organic 3/4" thick birch canvas, which can easily be hung up (hardware included) or can be stand-alone using a small wooden shim (also included) in the back. No need to frame! Just hammer a nail and hang directly from the routing keyhole on the back.


** Customers should know that it takes a little elbow grease to fit the shim into the slot. This is deliberate, so that it is firmly braced. The easiest way to do it is to just angle it back and forth until it goes in.

Additionally, Lemon Zesty works with a “green” printing company that is powered 100% by solar energy. All wood prints use fully sustainable wood that's acquired responsibly from sources that replant a tree to replace every one they cut down. Since all the materials used are 100% recyclable, any leftover material is donated to Habitat for Humanity to be used for various green projects.  Prints on Wood also donate to save one square meter of rainforest with every order.

Prints are available in a range of sizes, from small desktop prints to poster-sized prints. Please note that 16x20" wood block prints are too large to use the shim to stand and must be hung instead.

Wood block prints are packaged safely in bubble wrap and enclosed in a rigid mailer to keep them safe during shipping.


All computer monitors are calibrated differently, so colors may appear slightly different from what you see on your screen

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