Rain Boots - Shalimar


Jessica Swift

What makes my rain boots special, you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

While the boots are certainly pretty on the outside(Shalimar is one of my very favorite patterns I've ever created!), they’re much more than just another lovely pair of patterned rain boots. Each boot contains a hidden message on the inside. The message in this particular pair of boots reads "you are perfect just the way you are". 

Each time you put on the boots, the message will be there to remind you that you’re unique and amazing, and it’ll invite you to live color to the max (that’s my motto!). I want the boots to remind you that you are perfect exactly the way that you are and that you can choose to embrace it. When you wear the boots, you can step into the inner power and awesomeness that’s inherently inside of you. And I think that's pretty rockin'!! There's also a pretty pattern on the inside of the boot-- it's nice and yellow and sunny, to brighten up the darkest of days.

The Shalimar boot is available in Women's sizes 6-11 (whole sizes only). They're perfect for rainy spring days and stormy winter days alike! 

     • matte rubber upper and sole

     • moisture absorbing cotton lining

     • calf height: 14.2" (36 cm)

     • approx. 3/4” heel height

     • approx. 14 1/2” circumference

     • removable insole

     • sizes 6-11 (whole sizes only)

They're designed to help you live your most colorful and adventurous life, so go jump in some puddles! 


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